Not completely understand the fear of love,
The fear of falling in love,
The fear of love completely,
Giving it all,
Risking it all,
Just loving with arms wide open.

Why the fear of saying those three words?
But on the other hand the is no hesitation,
Why keep the mouth shut when your heart wants to yell,
Wants to scream whats inside.

Unless you talk what’s inside,
Those words will never see the light,
Will never come to live.
Some say that we are slaves for what we say,
Well, I think it could go the other way as well,
We become slaves for what we keep,
The words we never say and keep for ourselves,
The thoughts and words we keep captive,
That we held on, thinking they belong to us.

It is said that the biggest field of ideas is in the graveyard,
All those great ideas, plans, formulas, discoveries..
Old loves, loves that never happened…some actually did.
It all starts by taking the risk,
The risk to talk, to act. To go forward.
You really wanna win?
Then play the game.
Yes, you might lose.
But there is no worse defeat 
Than the battle you never fought.
So if you dream with have it all,
Then you have to risk it all.
Talk, share the words from your heart,
Allow them to come alive,
Allow your heart to become a voice and courage,
You will see, when you do that,
There is no loss.
Cause you have set someone free,
You have won the biggest battle.