What if instead of dreaming of possible worlds,
Different realities,
Remember again and again the moments,
Longing would have never gone…
If instead we give permission to 
Our voice to say what we force to him to shut up,
force our face to smile,
When all he really wants is to cry,
If we allow our feet 
To go to where they want to,
Our heart to love in freedom,
In full light and without hiding.

What would be of this world if
We would really show our soul,
No masks or pretensions,
Ourselves naked,
Facing then the fear and saying
To his face that he wont stop us,
No more.

And our kids may see
That is worth it
To fight for what you want,
No need to hid,
That we can be real,
And bet… knowing we can win
Or lose, cause in this life
We cannot have it all, but we can try…
May be until our last breathe,
Being true to our hearts.