​And I wonder: to whom we really owe loyalty?

Whom, if not I will fulfill the plans I have dreamed,
And who else will carry this load that turns my heart appart.
As much as we live in a society, as a family and as a part of a couple,
in the end we are individual beings.
And that is how we come to this world, one at a time.
Funny, even inf we come from the hand of one, two or more.
In my case, I came to this world in the best possible way, 
my twin sister, I could not imagine my life without her.
However, we both have proven on several ocasions 
That this life is a solo journey, and yes, you might have travel companions,
But those soul journeys, decisions, challenges, tears, 
And learning, you live those in solitude.
That our decisions affects others, yes, there’s no doubt about it.

Save yourself.
Make sure you breathe before trying to help who is next to you.
Those are survivor’s rules; if you on a plane, or in the middle of a fire
Or lost at sea.
I think the same rule applies to this life.
That is why I say and reaffirm that if in this life I must be faithful to someone
Or something, that will be me.
I had rather make a mistake while trying to save myself, 
than lose myself trying to please the world.
Unfaithful to the world, true to myself.