Surely tomorrow I’ll be happy,
Today I’m very busy
There still so much to do.
I have not reached my ideal weight
Not even talk about love,
However I’m sure my other half is just around the corner.
I have not yet made the trip I have waited for so long
Nor do I drive the car of my dreams.

Tomorrow, tomorrow surely I’ll be happy.
When my boss stops overwhelming me
And the traffic is not that chaotic,
That the alarm clock does not ruin my mornings
And Mondays stop being the worst days of the week.
My bank account needs many zeros
And obviously this country must change and go uphill.

That is why, with not doubt, tomorrow I’ll be happy.
When my family starts to value me
And thank what I do,
Just as my friends that seems not to realize
The big treasure they have in me.
And the apoly of that enemy will arrive
That so many years ago marked me forever.

Tomorrow, tomorrow I can be happy.
That’s when the stars will align
And fate will play in my favor
Life will start to smile to me
I will no longer be a victim from the cruel Universe
And my plans will start flowing
With no more obstacles to them.

Yes, tomorrow is a good day to be happy.