They seem so little, so insignificant,
No one thought they could resist
Or even achieve their purpose.
Just like flies in the middle of the ocean,
Who could imagine
That their passionate intention
Would lead them to win.
It was not the weapons that won
Nor the amount of hits,
It was the hearts willing to make it
Convinced of reaching their goal
And alhtough small in the eyes of the world,
Willing to leave their own lives in the attempt.

The threats could not stop them,
Nor blood poured into the sea
Or the sad news of those coming back,
Their eyes fixed on the goal did not allow them to turn
Far from those who were hopeful when looking at them
They exclaimed his freedom had arrived.

The power of one, added by many,
Made with courage and passion,
Is with no doubt the best weapon
When it’s time to fight.
Hearts united for the same purpose
Become invincible,
Even if in the way they must die.
Dunkerke, remind us that together
We will always be more.

*Inspired in the movie Dunkerke