TYou left unexpectedly,
No one asked if we were ready
To stop looking at our eyes
find there our entire life
And in your arms the most certain peace.

It seems it’s time to say good bye,
No more chats around the table
Or laughling accomplices of which only
We knew why.
Say goodbye to our endless talks
And those silences that we shared so well.

Your heart is not beating like it did yesterday
And your voice, I won´t listen to it again
Your skin is not pink anymore
And your breath is no more here.
You closed your eyes to me,
To the whole world.
They told me is time to say goodbye.

But nevertheless,
In my heart you are still present
I keep so many memories about you
And even if you are not by my side,
I talk to you and share about me,
I know you listen, I know you are here.
So I don´t say good bye,
Cause I know one day we will meet again
To then have no end,
There will be no time to count,
No sickness to be afraid of.

I don´t say good bye,
I keep you where you have always lived,
In my heart and every part of my being,
As long as I live, you live
And when this body stops breathing
I know it’s because we gonna be together again.