And if we start believe it?
What we once were sure of,
When we were young,
That we were invincible,
Unstoppable and unbeatable.
There was nothing and nobody like us,
We were unique, we were powerful
And we were perfect.
Nothing else was needed,
We were enough.
There was no doubt
Of what we could achieve.
And we loved ourselves,
There was not the slightest doubt,
Nor the least crease.
Total love,
From us to us
Was something else needed?

And then we started growing
And believe the lies from the rest,
Those that are not said out loud
But are so true and real,
“we were not perfect”
that what we thought could achieve
it was getting farther and farther,
we were not powerful,
then what the world would say?.
We fell. Right to the bottom. We believed everything.
Doubt and fear took the place
Of confidence and security.

It was easier to get lost among the others
Not to perform, so much less to take risks.
Better not to lose than bet, than fly.
Days turn into years
And when we least noticed
Almost an entire life.
Dreams still there,
The desires to succeed, to win,
To reach high, to say so much
And achieve much more.

So I ask you:
How much longer will you wait?
The clock does not reverse
And what you once imagined
You still can make it come true.
That’s why I challenge you:
Remember WHO you are.
You are invincible,
Unstoppable and unbeatable.
Do it.
Take the risk.
Believe in you again.
Just remember WHO you are.