I give myself permission to fail,
Permission to be wrong, 
And not always be perfect.
Cause….does someone is it?

I’m tired of always try,
Be on a hurry to get on time,
Wear always a smile,
Be patient when I wanna yell
Or stay seated when I wanna run,
Be in a different place,
I wanna be in a different place.

No matter how much I try,
It seems that I cannot do everything,
It’s too much,
In fact it looks like a race with no end
Consume my soul little by little.
And I wonder.. will it ever end?
I hope one day I can look on the mirror and smile,
Not try to remove something, add something here or there,
Look on that reflection the mistakes I did short
or long ago, but still so heavy on my soulders.
My God, I need a break!

That’s why today I make the decission: I give myself permission.
From now on I’ll be patient
Before than with the rest of the world, 
with myself.
I’ll be kind and gentle,
So as I am with others, 
I’ll practice with me.
If I make a mistake, I’ll look for a solution
II’m sure there’s one,
And if there’s none, I’ll let it pass.
The biggest forgiveness is not with the outside
But with the inside.
I wont judge no more,
My rules are so hard to keep,
So I get rid of it.
Stop of running,
Wanting to be number one.
Today I decide to love me for whom I am
Just as I am right now,
And just like this, I’m perfect.
No need for nothing else,
At least not from the outside,
But from me.
I start to love me,
Start to forgive me,
And start to help myself.

No more judging myself,
No more unkind judgment
No impossible rules to keep.
I choose to live in freedom,
Enjoy whom I am
And love me like that,
Cause I am me,
I’m what I really own,
And if I dont´care and treasure me
Why anyone else should do it?

If I fail,
If I’m late,
If I’m not number one,
What’s the difference?
The best reward is peace,
And I have learned
That I can only get it
If I stop comparing with the rest,
Stop judgement and constant punishment.
Peace starts with grattitude,
For what already is,
For what I have been given,
For His grace,
Unconditional love
That does not depend on me
I will learn from that love,
I’ll wrap myself with that love,
Heavenly love
Relentless love.

Today, I give myself permission of being,
Permission to enjoy
Permission to live,
Live fully.