I want to show myself open
Just as I am, no filters, no masks.
Enough now with pretension, looking for perfection.
I treasure this mess, this confussion.
Cause this is what I am,
In the process of something more
And since now, I treasure it
I take it and not discard it.
Leave behind the fight, resistance
Also ignorance.
I look at it without hesitation
But I don´t stay there,
I continue the course,
The construction
The discovery.

Cause what matters the most is not the destination
But the journey, the lessons.
It’s here where I live day by day
Where I leave part of me
And at the same time gives me shape.
What in the past wasted me
I drop it here, behind me
As part of my past.
Yes my history
But not what defines me.
I choose not to carry it any more,
But go lighter every time,
Dropping guilt, punishment and judgment.
If something matter is my soul
And this is made not by the outside
But the inside.
I let go. Stop the fight.
Enough of wanting to be right.
This is what I am,
This is enough,
And this is perfect.