Without retribution,
Without seeking or demanding changes,
Loving because you want to,
Because heart and soul want it that way.

If you love,
Love because you choose to, not cause you are expecting something in return,
Not because you want to change the person of your affection
Or mark the way to forward.
Do not even expect, to be loved in return.
Love will return, yes, because it can not be contained.
However it might be in other form,
From another person, in a different time.

Only in freedom
Is that love can exist, be and flow.
Conditions, requirements and demands, are not love
And they can not transform a heart in the way
Love does.

If you love,
Love in freedom.
Cause you want to,
Do not expect for something in return.
The same fact of loving is already the greatest reward.
You will see, life will surprise you and it will come back to you
In other way, in another place or time.

Love can only exist in freedom.