You left to soon,
And there was not time to hold you
Or give you all the kisses I had for you.

From before your arrival
I waited for you with so eagerly,
You were the reason of joy and smiles.
You helped me believe,
Believe beyond I ever did.
I believed and declared you were possible,
That you would arrive,
Regardless any diagnose,
I knew you were a promise
And so it was.
You arrived.
We celebrated so much,
Cried of happiness,
Jumped in joy,
We sang your song,
Declared victory,
You were the promise fulfilled.

You defeated so many obstacles,
You kept strong,
Bonded so many hearts
And we continue believing.
His plans are not ours
Nor our thoughts His,
And He took you back to the Heavenly home.
We had to say good bye.

We couldn´t hold you
Or gave you all the kisses we had for you.
We were left with the desire of play with you.
See you walk,,
Learn by your side.
We didn´t want to say good bye,
I did not wanted to say good bye.
You were so special,
You were from the start.

So we said goodbye,
Singing your song,
And with the tears we welcomed you
We said goodbye.

My Little warrior,
You fulfilled your purpose,
And Him with you, His promise.
You arrived. You were possible.
You eyes saw life
And your heart beaten
At the same pace as your parents.
You smiled, you cried,
You were held.
It’s just that your time was short,
Too short.

There’s no doubt that time
Has great advantage on us
We still cannot understand it
Nor contain it.
My Little warrior,
I see you in the eyes of 
So many little ones,
And I know through them
You smile at us too,
You remind us that you are
Part of us,
Thanks for coming,
For helping us believe.
We will see you on day,
Where we can hug you
And give you all the kisses.
We carry you in our hearts.

*In memory of Pablo Mejía Ayala