Get out of where you are
Leave the noise behind
Get rind of the thoughts
Forget the questions
Give up wanting responses.

Surround yourself with nature
Wrap in colors
Come along with you,
That whom you have stop listening
The one you put in the trunk for so long now
The one who still dared to dream
To draw with ilussion

Charge with everything
Not of what’s inside
But what’s outside
What you have forgotten to look at
What you stopped paying attention
The world that exists and subsists
Without needing a bit of you aproval

There’s so much outside of you,
You are just a small part
And if you want it you can be one with the universo
Breathe without resistance,
Look without juding
Smile cause you can
Open up your arms in surrender
Stop of searching for more
Of always wanting more.

The fullness is here,