If in a summer day you meet the illusion
While you walk under the sun,
Do not be afraid, do not turna round,
Do not wait for someone else take her hand.
You do it!
Grab it and take it with you,
Let it suprise you,
Show her those dreams kept in your drawer,
It does not matter how old or forgotten they are,
She will not laugh,
Will look at the carefully
And if magic concurs, 
Fairy dust might rain over you,
Just the exact dose to help you believe.
Believe that you can make your dreams come true.
Will help you ride a comet
And get very close to the sun,
And in your way back you will see lots of shooting stars
All there just for you
With a wish for you in each one of them.
You will see the rainbow,
With colors to color your passion

I tell you now, listen to my advice:
If you meet with the illusion,
Make her your friend,
She was looking for you.
Wishig to make you company every day,
Hold you at night
And with you, write songs
Where you remember good moments
Those that you thought could not happen.

If you meet with the illusion in a summer day,
Kiss her! And donĀ“t let go.
Is that love that was looking for you,
Who has now found magic,
And next to you, they are invincible.