I did not think it would be like that,
Having to say good bye one day,
Say good bye so suddenly,
Life was taken from you
While you were still in my arms.
I felt your last breath
Your eyes closed 
And my dreams were gone.
Not only your life went out,
But mine too.
Just that I still breathing.

How to live now
If you are not here
And these arms that held you
While you were parting
Are the ones that still with me
And stayed as a part of you,
Like everything in me,
Everything talks about you.

My dear,
Life suprised us
Taking in one blink
My breath,
And in your arms had my last inhalation.
You cannot hear me
But with the wind I tell you
That I am ok
I have not left,
I have not parted from your side.
How to do it if you are my whole life
And the most beautiful thing in this Universe
Is your company.
Is just that I have changed
And here I wait for you.

Thanks for your love,
For your care,
For the life we built together.
You still don´t know
But the Universe granted me
Fade away while you hugged me,
Feeling the biggest love I knew,
Your love.
We will meet again my darling,
Meanwhile know that I love you
That I have not stopped doing it,
Think of me as I think of you.
Feel my love in those memories
And hear my laughter in your heartbeat.

I left in your arms,
I was not afraid
It was not possible to
As I always felt safe there
With you so close to me.
I love you as the first day
Now with the immensity
Of life and death,
Cause nothing can do us apart
We will see again
And now for all eternity.