Let’s dream a dream in the past.
Where you still believed in better tomorrows,
In sunny days and smiles, true loves.
Yesterday where war was still not coming
the bullets did not touch your skin yet,
and the lies did not cauterize your soul,
the darknes did not blind your eyes,
there where my arms could still hold you
and my words reach your heart.

Let’s dream in past,
Where no matter the years, you dreamed like a kid
And wanted to get as high as the sun
Fly through the sky and find a better place
Where we could always be together, endlessly
There was no end there,
Love could make it all
And distances did not exist for the heart.

Let’s dream in past,
There where you still have strength,
Take hope with you
In the shape of a smile
And millions of kisses tattooed in your heart,
Courage enough to endure any battle.

Let’s dream in past,
In the yesterday that we once had, lived and shared.
Believing that tomorrow would be even better,
That today cannot defeat us, cause at night fall
Your tears will be washed away and what will come
Will be worth the pain.

Let’s go back to yesterday,
Let’s take strength for today
Let’s anchor our hope there
So tomorrow we find there
The rainbow that always comes
After the strongest storms,
Painting everything with color,
Back to smile
Back to trust
Back to love
Back to live.

Let’s dream in past
To create our best present
Where our longed future awaits for us.