What if you dare to fly?
Leaving behind the nest you know so well,
The ideas that you have taken with you until this day.
May be is time to explore something new
See the world that is waiting for you.

You will have to forget the monotony
Change it for surprises,
Turns and no control at all.
Now is life who has the control
And will take you by the hand.
The same life who gave you the first breath,
And walks with you til this day
And hopes for you to see a lot more
Widening your limits
Realize these only exist in your mind.

Dare to jump
Know that if you fall, you can get up,
Try again
And even in the floor
The scenery will be different to what is known
You can choose and take it as an adventure
And from there, choose the path you want.
Whatever you choose, will never as the starting point
Cause the script will have change,
And colors will be diferent
You will have more stories in your biography.

Dare to explore,
It’s a matter of take the first step,
Going out of where you are and discover the new,
The Unierse is made is so much more
Of what you have seen so far,
Songs you have not heard
And so many melodies you have not danced.
Looks you have not crossed yet
And laughs you have not shared.
Do not be overwhelmed to reach destiny,
You can leave hurry in the nest,
Next to your watch,
Cause now you can count days with sunsets
And the stars that you have not seen for so long.

Dare to go for what you desire
To paint new stories
Collect memories worth living.
You need to laugh,
You have forgotten how to dream with open eyes,
And mostly to live from your heart,
Based on love,
Love for you and for letting your soul free.
You have the key,
Dare to go,
Dare to love,
Dare to forgive,
Dare to live.