And one day I discovered that my North was not out there,
But inside.
That no matter how much I walked and looked for the right path
Trying to get to my destiny,
My steps only took me back to the start,
Not from the beginning nor the way.
But the beginning of everything,
I realized the compass that better points the North
It’s me, it’s in my soul.
I discovered as well that happiness starts
With freedom,
The freedom to be me,
Being me fully.
Without masks or limits, without fears.
Passing all those doors
I arrived to the best destination
One that was not contemplated
But with not doubt was the best of all,
I came back to me.
But no longer the same.
Now, I was more myself.
There was no need to please anyone
Or fulfill requirements for the outside world.
It was time to live for me,
From the inside,
In touch with the eternal Universe from there.
Him there speaking to me,
Telling me whom I was and believing in me,
Without conditions or formats,
Just being whom I was created to be.
In freedom, in love and in complete peace.

The best compass, is you.