​Find them, they are there. They are always there.
May be you feel like life is against you,
That the worlds conspires against you,
Like if nothing could go right.
Where are the smiles have gone?
And who took hope away?
The sun migh shine, but is for others.
A black cloud is following me
Cause since long time ago
Rain keeps falling over me,
And I’m in the middle of darkness
What surrounds me it’s cold and uncertainty,
If someone accompanies me is loneliness,
If there’s something by my side is memories
That make it harder for me to breathe.

Find them, they are there. They are always there.
The colors, the grace, the ligh, the hope.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath…
You still here, you still alive and in every breath
There are new chances
To change the way,
To dance a new song,
To let go of sorrows,
Forget the what if’s,
And start with the todays.

Feel the warmth in that ray of sun,
And if it rains, get soaked and let it be like that
For the sadness tu run along with your tears,
Let it out, don´t hold it.
Allow the sky to clean your soul like that.
Breathe, feel every sad memory
And let go… let it free.
That what hurts, put it on the floor
And walk away
Say good bye
You don´t need them anymore,
Not where you are a going.

If you have been hurt,
It’s cause you have loved
Because you have given yourself
And shown your heart.
If you have lost
It’s cause you have taken the risk,
Now you have learned,
You are not the same.
If you feel the loneliness
It’s cause you have known company,
You have felt the warmth of someone you love.
If you miss,
It’s cause you love
And take someone in your heart.
If you have fell,
It’s cause you tried,
Now you are stronger
And are closer to find the way.
If you have no answers
It’s cause you are searching,
Means you are near.

They are there, don´t doubt it.
In every storm there are colors, find them.