“You must be the best”,
“strive to be numer one”.
Lines like these are the ones I have heard so many times,
From so many.
At it seems, most agree with it.

However, who makes the rules?
Why focus on that as if it were the holy grail?
Is life then a competition?
And if it is, when does it end?

That’s how I see it.
I know it might seem mediocrity.
Altough, I’m not here to convince.
What I see is that there is so much to enjoy,
So much to applaud and much more to celebrate.
Starting from our arrival to this world.
You tell me, which one was the best of all?
I am sure all of them was unique and unrepeatable,
Full of magic and without a doubt, full of history.

That´s how I see life,
Not as a competition to be the best of all
But to be who I am.
And in that way, show myself to the world.
No need to go faster or farther than the other,
Just be me.
Discover me to then share,
Build me and show me,
Why would I wanted to be better than anyone else?
Being me is good enough,
Conquer me, surprise me,
That´s the magic,
That’s the challenge.
I choose that path.
Being me, perfectly and sufficiently me.