We did not have good bye´s
Not even a fare-well,
You just left
Leaving me in silence
Not looking back.

There was no warning note
Something that showed your departure
You simply left.

And I don´t know if you were just an illusion,
Product of my imagination
While I was lost at sea
Trying to find dry land,
Trying to survive.
Surely you were product of my mind
Crated so I could
In the middle of loneliness
Come out a float
Not die in the middle of the sea.

So this memories I keep,
If they are real or imaginary,
What’s the difference?
Everything is now yesterday.

And there, in the middle of big blue
You were my anchor
My safe shore
My salvation
My reason to hold on.
Even without being there, your company
Was surely my salvation.

*Inspirado en película “Adrift” 2018